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Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories made in Hawaii with Aloha. 

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii Ruth d'ian creates designs inspired by the beauty that surrounds her. Some of her designs are named for Hawaiian words like Pua (flower), Noa (freedom) or objects like "Dream Catcher", or names of special people like "Emma". Regardless of the name each one is designed by hand with the spirit of Aloha!


Many designs are limited editions and new designs are created monthly, so come back often to see the new designs and make sure to put your order is quickly as many items sell out and may not be produced again. We hope you enjoy the designs and if you have any questions or want to request a custom design please feel free to contact us


Ruth d'ian has been creating unique designs since 1998 and Ruth d'ian products have been featured in Tokyo, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and Honolulu.  


Up until recently the jewelry has been sold via word of mouth and through small retail outlets but due to the popular demand we have developed this website to better meet our customer needs.

Ruth d'ian products are designed and handmade by the owner of the company in Honolulu, Hawaii who treats each item as a gift made for a friend, as they would say here in Hawaii all of our items are made with Aloha.

Custom orders are welcome. 

Ruth d'ian のウェブページにご訪問頂きどうもありがとうございます。






Ruth d'ianは1998年よりホノルルにてハンドメイドのオリジナルジュエリーとして誕生致しました。





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